Hair Replacement: The Cost Of Hair Systems

The price of a hair system can range anywhere from around £150 to over £2500. Logic may tell you that hair at lower prices must be of lesser quality. However, this is not necessarily the case. A search through web forums, scam reporting sites, and even some major retailers will lead you to the surprising conclusion that the price you pay does not necessarily affect the quality of the system. In general, all hair systems are handmade overseas. Because they are all produced by similar means and in only a few places, the basic cost per unit is typically the same. The biggest difference in the customer’s price is overhead costs such as paying for TV commercials or maintaining a large staff.

One place that few men and women dealing with hair loss tend to overlook as they search for hair replacement solutions is the internet. Although it may at first seem an unlikely place to look, an online hair replacement company can offer the lowest prices. Internet companies can cut out huge overhead costs, and with their innovative hair system design concepts they can create custom hairpieces without ever seeing you — you don’t even need to leave your house.

Hair systems can be a quick and easy solution to hair loss, and many seeking hair replacement solutions find that they are perfect for their lifestyles. In addition to the hair systems themselves, other costs you will encounter along the way include adhesives or tapes, special shampoos and conditioners, special brushes, styling gel and any number of other products that are specially designed for use. Since these products are designed for “hair” with special needs, they are more expensive than some shampoos that you might buy at your local supermarket, but are priced similar to the high-end shampoos you would buy at a hair salon. So depending on the type of shampoo you already buy, you may not be affected by their price.

Adhesives, gels, and other styling and maintenance costs will add cost to your hair system. Adhesives in glue form are more expensive than the tape products. Whether you get your hair system online or at a salon or club, you will incur these fees.

Once you have found a credible online supplier for your hair system, the next task is to locate a trained hair replacement stylist. The hair will need to be cut and blended to sit neatly on your own naturally growing hair. A good hair replacement stylist will be able to blend your system without leaving any lines or obvious joins. For help with this check out my other article titled, ‘Finding a good hair replacement stylist’.

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